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Sohil Sureka

Simco Consultancy was founded with a single mission: to be the most successful, creative and ground-breaking consulting agency in India. Simco Consultancy was founded by Sohil Sureka, he has completed Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program, and has exposure to various business domains; the prominent ones being manufacturing of footwear, distribution of top sports brands like Nike, Skechers, Adidas, etc.  and running a retail chain of 6 stores.

Our industry experts are fervent about our clients’ growth! We try to ensure that their businesses are ready to take on challenges thrown towards them with due to the industrial transformation & technological advancements. We identify growth opportunities for our clients in terms of new products, verticals or markets. We make sure that they ride the bull and steer it with changing scenarios.

We specially focus on Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, as they contribute nearly 37.5% towards the GDP of India and employ 120 million people in our country. MSME’s are the heart and soul of any economy. Other focus group for us is the budding entrepreneurs of our nation. They are visionary and passionate and we get high on their energy. We help them convert their ideas into successful businesses. From making a sustainable business plan to getting them incorporated, from developing their road-to-market strategy to on-boarding a team for them, and from helping them get their first round of funding all the way to popping bottles of champagne together, we have got our startups covered.


Our main aim is to add value to your organization in every aspect and we attain this by going beyond the confined domains of the services we are hired for. We believe that every issue we are consulted for by an organization is unique and hence we tailor ourselves and solve the problem through a flexible approach. Our greatest asset is the lasting relationship we build with our clients and become their one point solution for their problems.

Give us a chance to serve you and experience growth like never before!

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