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"Management is a practice where art, science and craft meet." - Henry Mintzberg

We use the power of Data Analysis and Performance Reporting to align a business'sales with the stock level and purchase planning. This dramatically increases their profitability and allows them to improve their inventory turnover drastically! We also set up Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which are relevant to the particular business' industry and track it on a periodical basis. We also set up Standard Operating Procedures for different processes, so that owners or the higher management, are not required to get involved in day-to-day operations; and majority of the business can run in an auto- pilot mode.

Retail Management

We help you in getting the right stock in front of the right customers at the right time!


Sales Analysis

We mine sales data and our experts analyse it using the best tools available in this sector. This helps us identify the strength of different brands and categories selling from your outlets and the significant trends!


Inventory Management:

Do you have stock that isn’t selling?


We study the inventory composition and help you optimize your purchases to minimize the proportion of slow selling stock. 

Expense & Profitability Tracking

Keeping the expenses in check is very vital for any organisation! We help you track them and minimize them using the lean approach!

Standard Operating Procedures 

We set up SOPs for different processes to minimize any errors by the store staff, training time and effort required for the new staff and to ensure smooth functioning of the store!

Business Meeting
Simco Consultancy

Virtual CFO

We work in the capacity of a CFO, but instead of working full time for the company, we dedicate a certain numner of hours in a month to fulfill the role and at the same time reduce the cost impact on the company. We usually ficus on the following areas:

  • Working Capital Management

  • Budgetting

  • Cost Reduction 

  • Identifying and stopping the thefts and pilferages

  • Creating different profit centres and tracking individual profits from each centre

  • Monthly Performance Report of the company

  • Optimising technology where applicable

Business Consultancy: Services


We help in addressing problems related to:

  • Quality of the product

  • Maintaining optimal level of Raw Materials and Finished Goods stock

  • Tracking consumptions of the raw materials

  • Tracking cost of production

  • Productivity of the labourers

  • Production time 

  • Expenses related to operations and other areas

  • Gross profit from each item

This is a beautiful process, which will empower you to levels you can't imagine. With all processes defined specifically and followed up for modifications, with all costs being tracked and investment being at the optimal levels in the correct proportions between different items. The same investment will be able to fetch you much higher returns and there will be absolutely no turning back from climbing the growth ladder.

If you feel that you are spending majority of your time in fire-fighting and not in growth related areas, then we will turn things around for you. Business will never be the same and with this new found time, you can explore new avenues which seemed distant before.

Restaurant Bar


Our objective is that you focus on the taste of the food and we take care of the rest. We focus on how different items and categories sell from your restaurant, which items fetch how much margin. Which items need focus on selling and which one requires cost cutting or price revision.

We also ensure optimal quality standards are maintained by well drafted SOPs including Customer Journey.

Tools we use:

  • Performance Analysis

  • Inventory Management

  • Physical stock audits of raw materials to track actual food cost

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

We also provide complete support at the time of opening a restaurant.

Business Consultancy: Contact


Simco Consultancy

93/1 Harish Mukherjee Road,

Kolkata, India - 700026

+91 9051305789 / 9433058441

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