Are you looking to launch your own venture? Simco Consultancy helps talented entrepreneurs with concrete ideas to convert a mere idea to a successful venture! Our team of industry experts thoroughly analyse the product or service and draw valid conclusions based on their analysis. Some of the services we provide under our Start-up Consultancy are:



We scrutinize the feasibility of the business model and suggest changes where necessary.  We make financial projections for 5, 7 or 10 years depending upon the requirement, this helps us ascertain the financial position of the company in future, if the things go as we have planned.


The most important findings are how much cash will be required at which stage, and at which point can the business become cash positive. We also estimate the current valuation of your company, and also prepare the required documents to launch your start-up on the path to success.




We make your business investor ready, and prepare a pitch deck for your business idea. It is a brief presentation containing the information the investors want to see before deciding if they like the idea and want to get into further details and discussions about investing in your company.


Why is availing our Startup Consultation service a good idea?


We not only connect you with investors but also guide you for the number of investments required at different stages in your start up. Our reliable Financial Projections will greatly benefit you with regard to gaining insights for your business and planning accordingly.


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